National Be An Angel Day August 22nd

Angel Day is a day that helps spread love and positive vibes to all. A fun holiday when folks spread kindness to others and bring a smile to someone’s face. Helping others brings them joy and also will make you feel good in return. It is a “win-win”.

There are many ways you can celebrate National Be An Angel Day, get creative with it. You can spread acts of kindness all over to many people or just reach out to a single person and be the light that brightens their day. You can also spread love to our furry companions if you like. The angelic help that you offer can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Celebrate this joyous holiday by giving out hugs and smiles. Be a listening ear to someone who needs to talk. Give your time or money to a charity of your choice. Play with children. Give up your place in line at the grocery store. Invite folks to enjoy a meal with you. Give to the homeless. Donate your unneeded goods to local thrift stores. Spend quality time with your pets if you have any. Help the elderly or disabled with household chores. Give compliments to others. Write someone a nice note or letter. Call someone just to say they are awesome.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Angel Day that has not been mentioned. Just do what is in your heart. Go with the flow and let your spirit move you. Maybe you already practice random acts of kindness regularly. Then this holiday will be right up your alley and come naturally for you. Just have fun and spread your love and light. It is very easy to be kind to others.

Be An Angel Day was first celebrated on August 22nd, 1993, by Jaune Howard Feldman.

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