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Archangel Metatron

By Yvonne Cloverbreeze / November 13, 2017

Metatron sits beside the throne of God and is said to be the architect of this creation.  Metatron is a very powerful archangel that can help you with understanding the laws of creation,  sacred geometry,  and higher metaphysical concepts.  He can help you find balance and connect with the divine. Becoming cold when Metatron is […]


Knowing Your Guardian Angel

By Yvonne Cloverbreeze / November 11, 2017

Getting to know God includes becoming better acquainted with his family of Angels.  God’s powerful Angels protect his people from all harm.  Comforting us and rescuing us are duties of God’s Angels.  Here you will gain information about Angels. Gabriel~  Associated with Monday and the moon.  Colors associated are white and silver.  Gabriel helps make your […]


Angel of the month: YERATEL

By Yvonne Cloverbreeze / August 2, 2017

Yeratel gives optimism, joy, peace and all the higher virtues that lead to success & happiness in whole August. Prepare yourself with the following prayer to strengthen the positive energy of Yeratel: Adorable Yeratel, thank you for shining with Your splendor my soul and my path! May your Divine Omnipotence lead me to act wisely and […]