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Angelite Banishes Stress & Enhances Psychic Gifts

Angelite is a pale blue stone which boosts communication with your angels and guides. Angelite has a beautiful calming energy that is peaceful and soothing. In many people, Angelite may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts and aid channeling and mediumship. Angelite helps to relieve anger, tension, and stress.

Blue is said to be the color of the Aquarian age which is the zodiac sign associated with Angelite. Aquarian is one who is seen as a truth seeker. When seeking truth one must also be prepared for it which sometimes creates fear. Angelite will assist in combating fear.

Angelite is a very soft stone which is not to be submerged in water. Do not wear while bathing or swimming.

Chakras associated with Angelite

 The throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. A powerful stone for healers. Angelite provides protection for the body as well as the environment.

Angelite will strengthen organs in the body and is useful after surgery. Angelite will help repair tissue damage, muscular damage, and blood vessels. Your circulation will increase and cellulite becomes corrected with this stone. Used to relieve throat inflammation and balance the thyroid. Angelite is very useful for weight control.

In Feng Shui practices place Angelite in the Northeast area of your home for wisdom and knowledge and place in the center of your home for balance and harmony.

Angelite Stones

Angelite Stones

Angelite boosts telepathy

Start with a stone that has been smudged of unwanted energy and 1 purple candle. Place the stone on your third eye. Breath slowly and relax while gazing into the candle flame. Notice the connection between your physical body and your spiritual being. Say “I am one with my total being, I understand the world around me.” Place the stone in front of the candle while it burns. Hold the stone whenever you wish to increase psychic ability.

Angelite was discovered in 1987 during the Harmonic conversion in Peru. It has since been found in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt, and Mexico.

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