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Information About Reward Points

What Is the Angels For Everyone Rewards Points Program All About?

When it comes to shopping, we know you have options (lots of them), which is why we’ve created a program that makes it easy and rewarding for you to find angelic gifts, collectibles, and beautiful home decor you love. We want you to enjoy shopping here and come back and giving you savings in the process.

How it Works

First you have to create an account so you can check your points balance. We can't give point to unregistered users because there is no way for use to issue reward points without an account. So start an account today if you haven't already.

Then each time you make a purchase you'll be rewarded with points you can use towards money off your totals and even get more points. During checkout logged in users will see a Reward points redemption box where you can redeem some or all of your points.

How Do I Earn Points?

 Glad you asked. It’s easy, For each $1 you spend you get