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    Angel Wings For Babies & Infants

    ...but adults can wear them too!

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    Angel Wings For Babies & Infants

    Angel Wings For Babies & Infants & Softest Handmade Feather Wings

    • Adjustable Wing Shapes
    • Soft Goose & Turkey Feathers
    • About 1½ Foot Wingspan
    • For Babies & Adults
    • Hand Selected Feathers
    • 90 Day 100% Unconditional Guarantee
    Baby angel wings! Small and so soft, just right for babies no matter how big. Your baby will look like the angel they are with these set feather angel wings. Made by the same people who make Victoria Secret's™ angel wings. Perfect for infant photo shots.

    Also can be worn by adults wishing for tiny little wings. Please do not wear if you frightened of heights!

    Top-of-the-line quality goose & turkey feathers on front and back. Marabou ostrich feathers trim on the wing tips. Very comfortable elastic tie straps and can be worn by children or adults. Bendable wire core allows easy customization wing shapes. You can give more angle to your angel wings.
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    Handmade 13" x 17" White with ostrich and goose feathers and trimmed with Marabou feathers. Handcrafted in USA. NOTE: No birds were harmed for their feathers.

    Additional Information

    Breakage ProtectionNo
    OccasionsChristmas, Halloween

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